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Welcome to the Weygang-Museum in Öhringen

August Weygang

A man and his legacy

Coming from a family with a long tra­dition of pewter manufacturers, August Weygang (1859-1946) stepped into the footprints of his forefathers and thanks to his farsightedness and tenacity was able to make his workshop one of the most successful in the trade and thus became one of the most respected citi­zens in the town.


He bequeathed all his possessions to the city of Öhringen on condition that his house should be turned into a mu­seum and remain so forever.




The building itself is a historical monu­ment. It forms part of the Karlsvorstadt which was built in the 18th century by Prince Ludwig Friedrich Karl. The re­cently renovated house and garden have conserved their characteristic charm and while roaming around one can feel the spell of times gone by.

On the ground floor you can see docu­ments and objects dating back to the his­torical Öhringen.

You learn about the person of August Weygang and the environment in which he lived.

We also show you extensive parts of his pewter collection.


Discover extraordinary treasures

Now to the private rooms on the first floor. You will not only find treasures here dating from the Renaissance through to the Baroque, Rococo and Biedermeier periods but also gems of Historism.

Also see the artfully manu­factured toys made of pewter and many other remarkable pieces which were popular in the former Hohenlohe-Franken region.


Possibly the greatest attraction of the museum is the exten­sive collection of pewter objects from various epochs, from the 16th to 20th century, comprising originals as well as copies. They all give evidence of the cultural and historical importance of pewter art.

Experience something special

                                    by watching the master at work.


The annex of the museum houses the oldest still-producing pewter workshop in Germany going back to the Weygang dynasty.


This is not only an El Dorado for the lover and collector of pewter objects but also for people loving to browse around in the beautifully decorated shop.

Vicus aurelianus  - Öhringen in Roman times

For about 100 years Öhringen was part of the Roman Empire.

The border be­tween the Roman and the German part of the country called Limes ran in  a straight line through the territory.


About 250 years ago the archeologist Christian Ernst Hanselmann carried out the first scientific excavations. Two forts, warehouses, a settlement and various cult objects were discovered.


In the cellar of the museum you can admire fragments of ceramics and amphorae, a Roman altar, statues of Mi­nerva and other gods and various household utensils, Terra Sigilata and pieces of glass- and metalwork.


In one of the memorial stones the old name of Öhringen is engraved: Vicus Aurelianus.